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Quicklink TX n ṣe agbara fun Ile-iṣẹ Yunifasiti Ravensbourne ati Ilu Ile-iṣẹ Royal Shakespeare


In 2018 as part of the Schools’ Broadcast Series, Ravensbourne University London have been using the Quicklink TX to facilitate live studio question and answer sessions between school pupils and actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). The RSC is one of the most high-profile theatre company in the UK.

The Quicklink Skype TX designed in partnership with the Microsoft Skype team, is a video call management system. It is a transceiver that enables professional reception and transmission of multiple Skype video calls through SDI inputs/outputs and HDMI interface. As the Quicklink Skype TX can receive from and send to any Skype user it provides unrivalled global access to millions of Skype users to broadcast as HD awọn ọnajade.

As part of the performances, students took part in interactive activities as well as a Macbeth production which was broadcast to an audience of over 220,000 students.

"The Quicklink TX has allowed students to gain invaluable experience of integrating IP equipment into a live broadcast environment.” Richard Manning, Ravensbourne’s Associate Senior Lecturer in Broadcast Technology.

Ravensbourne University is focused on providing a unique specialist educational experience combining an imaginative blend of tools, practices and techniques. Through its links with real-world applications it is as a world-leader in the creative exploitation of emerging technologies to deliver sustainable, positive, social and economic change.

"Quicklink gives our students the tools to increase interactivity within their productions. Our production and broadcast students are really excited to be able to produce professional level studio content.” Martyn Gates, Programme Leader – Digital Television

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Quicklink jẹ ọkan ninu awọn olupese agbaye pataki fun awọn software software ati IP IP fun gbigbe ti ifiweranṣẹ ati satunkọ fidio. Awọn solusan wa ni o dara julọ ninu kilasi fun ṣiṣe fidio ti o dara julọ ati didara ohun lati iyara kekere si awọn isopọ IP iyara to ga julọ. Ti o dara ju ti bandwidth ti o wa nipa lilo software to ti ni ilọsiwaju ati awọn koodu codecs ti o dara julọ tumọ si pe awọn ilọsiwaju ti o ni idiwọn le waye lati oriṣiriṣi awọn nẹtiwọki.
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