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IMT Vislink Receives $900,000 Contract to Supply Airborne Video Downlink, Transmit and Receive Systems for use by the U.S. Air Force


SARASOTA, FL, JANUARY 7, 2019 — xG Technology, Inc. ("XG" tabi "Ile-iṣẹ") (Nasdaq: XGTI, XGTIW), ẹniti IMT Vislink brands are recognized as the global leaders in live video communications, today announced that its IMT Vislink business has been awarded a $900,000 order to supply airborne video downlink solutions (AVDS) for use by the U.S. Air Force. The contract calls for the supply of transmit and receive systems, ground-based units designed to display real-time video imagery taken by aerial assets, related component and accessories, and training services.

This is a follow-on order to one previously kede on May 23, 2018, and similar to an order IMT Vislink received from the U.S. Army that was kede on November 20, 2017.

“IMT Vislink remains a trusted partner to our armed forces, owing it to our reliable, high-performance, rapidly deployable video communications systems,” said John Payne, President and COO of IMT Vislink. “Our ability to provide solutions that meet stringent requirements and can support the most demanding applications and deployment scenarios, underscores our leadership in customizable, mission-critical video technology.”

About xG Technology, Inc./IMT/Vislink

Awọn afiwe IMT ati Vislink Technology ti Technology jẹ mọ bi awọn olori agbaye ni awọn ibaraẹnisọrọ fidio ni ifiweranṣẹ ati awọn olupese ti o gbẹkẹle si awọn onibara-1 ni ipo igbohunsafefe / idaraya / idanilaraya, ati awọn ofin / aabo ilu / aabo. Awọn ọja wọn ni a mọ fun awọn ipele to gaju ti išẹ, igbẹkẹle, didara didara, o gbooro sii awọn iṣakoso iṣẹ ati awọn ifosiwewe iwapọ. Ni awọn igbasilẹ, awọn ere idaraya ati idanilaraya, IMT ati Vislink pese awọn ibaraẹnisọrọ ibaraẹnisọrọ to lagbara lati gba, gbe ati ṣakoso awọn aworan iṣẹlẹ ifiweranṣẹ. Ni iṣakoso ofin, aabo ara ilu & awọn ọja olugbeja, IMT ati Vislink pese awọn ibaraẹnisọrọ fidio ti o ni aabo ati awọn iṣeduro pataki si pataki si awọn agbegbe, awọn ile-iṣẹ ati awọn agbari ti orilẹ-ede ati ti kariaye. Alaye diẹ sii ni a le ri ni www.imt-solutions.com ati Www.vislink.com.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, xG Technology has over 80 patents and pending patent applications. xG is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market (symbol: XGTI). More info: www.xgtechnology.com.

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