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ATI 30 XSUMX Awọn Ọdun ati Agbara


ATTO Technology, Inc., based in Amherst, New York, is the recognized leader in the Information Technology and Media & Entertainment storage connectivity markets is celebrating 30 years of world class innovation. Founded by Tim Klein and Dave Snell, who chased a vision in 1988. Klein and Snell realized that if they increase speedy access to computer storage, the entire system processed data faster. The “Dynamic Duo” came up with technology that dramatically sped up storage access times which could be added to existing computer systems.

“Celebrating 30 years of success would not be possible without the recognition of all past, present, and future employees who’ve contributed to our success as an industry leader,” said ATTO president and CEO Tim Klein. “Also, we want to thank each and every client of ATTO, one time buyers or returning customers, who helped us to arrive at where we are today.”

ATTO Technology, Inc., strong innovations are designed and manufactured targeting computer technology that connects to storage hardware and networks. The company has reached deep into numerous areas of industry. Spanning from how we watch movies, listen to music, fulfilling needs for prescriptions, flying in airplanes, buying coffee or even using bank cards, ATTO has been in the background making those daily needs available to the masses. ATTO changed the way on how films were created, from digital animation to CGI effects, editing to distribution way back in the 1990s.

Fast forward to the present and ATTO is a vital part of the emergent of artificial intelligence science used by researchers utilizing incredible amounts of data and high speed storage technology that is the main component of advanced network hardware processing that lead to the discoveries and advancement in the AI field.

“However, as grateful as we are for the last 30 years, you should know that we are even more excited for the coming years,” Klein said. “We look forward to the challenge of upholding our reputation as an industry leader throughout the M&E and IT spheres.”

To purchase ATTO products through leading Value Added Resellers, System Integrators and the ATTO Web Store. Be sure to visit: www.atto.com/howtobuy/


For 30 years ATTO Technology, Inc. has been a global leader across the IT and media & entertainment markets, specializing in storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for the most data-intensive computing environments. ATTO works with partners to deliver end-to-end solutions to better store, manage and deliver data. Working as an extension of customer’s design teams, ATTO manufactures host and RAID adapters, network adapters, storage controllers, Thunderbolt™ adapters, and software. ATTO solutions provide a high level of connectivity to all storage interfaces, including Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, Ethernet, NVMe and Thunderbolt. ATTO is the Power Behind the Storage.

Matt Harchick
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Matt Harchick

Matteu ti ṣiṣẹ ni awọn ile-iṣẹ aladani ati ni ile-ẹkọ giga fun ọdun ogún. O ṣe pataki ni awọn agbegbe ti iṣakoso agbese ti oni oni, iṣelọpọ igbohunsafẹfẹ ati iṣẹjade media. Matteu ni imoye ti o pọju ni iṣelọpọ ti awọn onibara, iṣakoso oniṣowo onibara, iṣelọpọ iṣere oriṣiriṣi, ati igbasilẹ ibudo isopọ. Ọgbẹni. Harchick n ṣe awari n ṣe iwadi fun ipo igbohunsafẹfẹ aworan, ṣiṣan ti nmu oju-iwe ayelujara ti nmu ati awọn imọran oju-iwe oju ẹrọ ti o dara julọ fun imuse ti awọn onibara ati pe o wa fun awọn ifunmọ niyanju rẹ.

Matt ati ebi rẹ n gbe ni agbegbe Washington, DC.
Matt Harchick
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